100 things you can do with your partner

Having a partner to share your life with is lovely. Someone you can talk to, laugh with and hold tight at night.

Do you make enough time for your partner?

Imagine this…

You and your partner have no responsibilities for one week, you just have each other and the world is your oyster –  so what would you do? Climb mountains, sail across the ocean, rave in Ibiza or go on a couples retreat? Stay home, do some gardening and cook a lovely meal? That all sounds great to me.

So many choices, so little time…

I’ve enjoyed many a partner and many an activity over the years. In the last 12 years, I have immersed myself in hobbies I never thought I would try due to the different lifestyles of the partner that I have been with. Each new hobby came with a challenge and financial cost for equipment and travel – sailing, skiing, motorcycling and hiking. To be fair, in some instances when I have split up with a previous partner, I have made a small profit selling the no longer needed equipment on eBay!

I’ve had my fair share of posh hotels, boutique B&Bs and beautiful resorts but one of my favourite places is snuggled up in a tent for a semi-sleepless night and waking up to a coffee being made on the little gas stove.

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make the best memories.

I have done some research and put together 100 things that you could do with your partner. Some are great ideas, some are weird and some are completely daft. Be open-minded, take from this what you want and add a twist to the ideas to make them work for you and your partner. Naked car washing at two in the morning could be just what you both need to relight your fires!

100 things you do with your partner:

  1. Go Camping: I love camping but I will be honest it could be the make or break of a relationship if you’ve never done it before. Glamour goes out of the window and nature comes out to play when you are trying to sleep.
  2. Playing in the snow: If performed in a friendly manner it could be a romantic experience. However, snow ‘person’ building (I have to be politically correct) and snowball fighting can become competitive.
  3. Skiing: It’s a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. It’s an excellent hobby to share with a partner – especially the apres ski and hot chocolate. Do remember, if you have an accident with alcohol in your blood, your travel insurance may not be valid!
  4. Ice skating: You see couples ice skating in movies, two people gliding across the ice, holding hands and laughing. Well, that could be you – so grab your ice skates and hit the rink!
  5. A picnic: The challenges when having a picnic could include – wasp invasion, other people’s dogs or children, animal poop, ant nests and bad weather. Or you could be lucky and have beautiful weather in an ant and wasp free zone.
  6. Hiking: This is an excellent test for endurance and friendship especially if it is raining, cloudy, foggy or there’s a heat wave. Going down the mountain is normally a challenge – good walking shoes and water is essential.
  7. Climbing: If you fancy yourself in a harness climbing a rock face trying to always keep three points of contact on the rocks then have a go. After watching the film Cliff Hanger there is no way I would do it.
  8. Volleyball: If you are blessed with a beautiful body you could put on your bikini, get down the beach and smash it! Mind you don’t break a nail.
  9. Golf: How about a round of golf – 9 holes to start with until you get used to the game. You’re aiming for that hole in one and eventually your own set of golf clubs.
  10. Crazy golf: For those of you that really don’t want to take golf too seriously. Get putting!
  11. Table tennis: Ping pong can be an intense game, make sure you hold your bat properly. Check out the pros on YouTube.
  12. Snooker: Don’t pot the white and make sure you don’t dig your snooker cue into the green cover of the table.
  13. Darts: Get straight to the point… 180! Steady hand, focus and give it your best.
  14. Jogging: The thing I find difficult when jogging with a partner is we normally don’t run at the same pace. I tried to keep up with previous partners resulting in me getting terrible stomach cramps!
  15. Sailing: I’ve done it for 7 years and it is exhilarating! The bashing of the waves against the boat in a force 8, the instant bonding of a crew when you are trying to get the sails down in a storm and the holding hair back when a newbie sailor is suffering from seasickness. Calm seas and blue skies are wonderful too.
  16. Walking: There are some beautiful places where you can go on interesting walks all over the country. Miles of countryside, visiting attractions or walking along a beach hand in hand offers plenty of opportunities to share stories and be close with a partner.
  17. Running a marathon together: I’ve done plenty of half marathons and that was enough I couldn’t attempt a full one. If you are a pair of fitties why not take on the challenge and raise money for a charity.
  18. Get out on the motorcycle: Do you own a motorbike? There are some great roads out there, I have done two weeks on the back of a bike around Europe, it was fab!
  19. Go on a bike ride: It is a fantastic experience so long as you have padding in the right places. Nursing a bruised groin area when hoping to make hay with a partner is a challenge. I’ve been there, done it and bought the padded cycle shorts now.
  20. Rollerblading: Have you ever tried it? Make sure you get kitted out – elbow pads, knee pads and wrist supports.
  21. Tennis: Anyone for tennis? Get on the courts in some trendy tennis gear and have a fun game, set and match!
  22. Badminton: How are you with shuttlecocks? Make your partner run around that court – do lobs, drop shots, smashes and backhands until you win.
  23. Fishing: There is plenty of fish out there so you could grab a rod and see what you can catch together. Tuna fishing is interesting, canal fishing can be a bit dull but combining riverside fishing with a picnic would be a nice experience.
  24. Rowing: There’s no need to be competitive, just row in sync. It’s great for the arms and core muscle groups. Sharing a kayak, canoe or pedalo would be extremely entertaining especially if you got each other wet!
  25. Kite flying: Let’s go fly a kite up to the highest height! You could even make your own kite – have a kite designing competition if you want to be really creative.
  26. Test driving cars: Do you have a dream car? Why not go and test drive one together? Yes, it’s a little bit cheeky but you never know, you might win the lottery one day and be able to afford that dream car.
  27. Skinny dipping: Something I did when I was 17, never to be repeated ever again! If you are going to swim in the sea in the dark watch out for mosquitos and try to remember to take a towel with you.
  28. Floating on a lilo: Float around in the water taking up the sun’s rays either on a single or double lilo. Try to get one with a cup holder so you can have a cheeky cocktail too.
  29. Outside jobs: There’s always something that needs fixing – do it together. Make your garden something to be proud of, have the cleanest cars in the road, fix that gate that has been hanging off the hinges or paint the windows.
  30. If you want to be really creative: Decorate some eggs and do an Easter egg hunt together (I can’t believe I am writing some of these ideas)
  31. Go to a fairground: Don’t eat too much junk food before you get on a rollercoaster and think twice before you try to win a goldfish. Can you really spare the time to care for a fish properly?
  32. Go to the zoo: Wandering around a zoo looking at the meerkats, lions and baby elephants could appeal to some. Watching the bird show or the sea lions performing their tricks can be entertaining.
  33. A city break: There are so many wonderful and romantic cities in the world, such as Rome, Paris, Florence or Venice. Do some research and find something that will appeal to both of you.
  34. A day trip: Drive somewhere you’ve never been to before – try a new experience. Map reading or using a sat nav can sometimes create an interesting mood in a car between two people.
  35. A trip to the theatre: There are some great plays at the theatre and whilst it is a bit expensive it is a good treat to do now and then. Combined with a dinner for two, it could make for a very enjoyable night.
  36. Visit the relatives! Some of you may be choking or questioning my sanity, others may appreciate this reminder that our relatives won’t always be here.
  37. Do a workout together: This can be done in many ways and I’m sure you have your preferences as a couple. Working up a sweat, challenging the body and releasing endorphins together could be just what you need.
  38. Join a fitness class: There are so many options now – Zumba, yoga, boxercise, circuit training, spinning or body pump. The list of different types of fitness classes is huge, new styles and regimes pop up all the time.
  39. Go to the movies: Enjoy the big screen and atmosphere whilst watching one of the latest blockbusters. Eat lots of popcorn, nachos and sweets if that takes your fancy.
  40. Laze around the home: Have a pyjama day, watch movies or read together. Write Christmas cards, a poem, a song or start a novel – there’s a book in everyone apparently.
  41. Listen to your favourite music: Ah yes, music – the food of love. You could make a favourite playlist together or even make your own sweet music!
  42. Visit a spa: Book a day at a spa and let other people spoil you both. Enjoy a massage, be plucked, pruned and pampered so you look and feel your best.
  43. Go out for a romantic meal: Look for recommendations online for specific cuisine and atmosphere. Obviously, if you go to a fast food restaurant that attracts lots of children, you won’t be surrounded by flickering candles and romantic background music.
  44. Cook a romantic meal for two at home: Create some culinary delights, put on your music playlist, hold hands, stare into each other’s eyes and have great conversation. Or get a takeaway and enjoy a few bottles of wine.
  45. Go bowling: Bowling can be great fun and if you start to enjoy it a lot, you can always buy matchings bowling balls.
  46. Watch porn: Yes I know, that’s a bit cheeky but do whatever takes your fancy, if it does something for you both – enjoy it! You could make porn video but do be careful about how you protect your photos and videos – you don’t want to see yourselves on YouTube! (I really don’t think it’s a good idea)
  47. Practice the Kama Sutra: You can buy the book or the playing cards, take your pick. Do take into considerations your fitness levels and flexibility – don’t put your back out or get a cramp whilst bending like a pretzel.
  48. Make a baby: If the time is right and it’s what you both want then use your free week wisely. However, don’t just do parenting to please your partner. Think about it hard first! Make sure it’s what you really want and you are able to be a good parent. Talk to other parents and find out what the good and bad bits are about having a child.
  49. Play games: There are the obvious choices – Scrabble, Uno, Trivia Pursuits or Pie Face! Open the cupboards and see what games you have already – Cluedo, Buckaroo or Mouse Trap?
  50. Play on the Xbox or PlayStation together: There are so many cool things you can do now – it’s not just about shooting people or driving like ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ anymore. Try a dance mat, play tennis or do a quiz.
  51. Do some indoor DIY: It’s not the most romantic thing but it can be really rewarding. Does your sitting room need a fresh lick of paint or new pictures hung on the wall? Is it time to throw out the old and bring in the new?
  52. Walk around your home and see what you would change: Pretend money isn’t an object – what would you really like to do with your home together. Maybe your dreams might be affordable, who knows – take a look.
  53. Build something together: Have you ever enjoyed building lego, putting furniture together, creating a scrapbook or sculpture? It could be fun and might be worth giving it a try together.
  54. Go through your photographs: How much fun would that be? Go back in time and laugh together at all your memories. We all take far too many photographs so now might be a good time to have a clear out.
  55. Visit a wine or cocktail bar especially at happy hour: Are there any new bars in town? Check out their happy hour and go be happy for sixty minutes whilst you try those unusual cocktails and save money!
  56. Find a great pub: Or go on a mission to find lots of great pubs! A pub crawl is fun and you will still keep your FitBit happy whilst you stagger from one pub to the next.
  57. Go to a comedy club: Get ready to laugh your socks off but don’t become the victim. Comedians like to choose someone in the audience to focus on and unless you are bold or have a thick skin, don’t let it be you.
  58. Go to a music festival: Inside or outdoors – adorn your wellies and be at one with nature dancing around fields as they become alive with music. Or sit in stately homes that open up their gardens or great halls to wonderful musicians.
  59. Visit a food fayre: There are some great food festivals out there now. Just recently I went to one called ‘Chillifest’ and boy did I burn my mouth!
  60. Visit a museum: It doesn’t have to be about dinosaurs or army vehicles there are some really good unusual museums out there and some of them you can go to for free.
  61. Visit a market: Towns and cities around the world have some amazing markets. Places such as Portobello Road Market in London or the Testaccio market in Rome. 
  62. Visit a brewery or vineyard: It might be best to catch a taxi to the venue and back again and don’t forget to actually taste and not gulp down!
  63. Try a dance class: What about doing Salsa dancing or ballroom with your partner – get out the lycra and dancing shoes!
  64. Have friends over for dinner and play games: When was the last time you had a dinner party? Themed nights are fun and games such as ‘Who’s in the bag?’ go down a treat.
  65. Go shopping: For anything! Mix it with a nice lunch or afternoon movie. Is it time for one of you to have a makeover and try a new look?
  66. Visit antique fairs: Are you into antiques? Make sure you haggle!
  67. Go on a tour: Fill a suitcase, jump in the car and drive. Travel up north, down south or across the Channel – make a plan or just take each day as it comes
  68. Do a brunch date: Have a lay-in, miss that regular 8 o’clock bowl of porridge, jump in the shower and go for a late breakfast date. Read the newspaper and share the news of the day with your partner.
  69. Dress up for fun: Dress to impress or take on a character – Little Red Riding Hood or Wonder Woman in or outside of the bedroom.
  70. Make a cake together: Most people like a nice slice of carrot or chocolate cake. Why not whip up a treat together, make a nice cup of tea and watch tv.
  71. Meditate: Get focused together, light some candles, burn some incense and find your inner peace.
  72. Draw a picture of each other: This could be fun – clothed or naked!
  73. Take a class together: Ever thought about taking up another language? Enrol and enjoy.
  74. Go to a sporting event: Do you share a passion for sport? Go and watch a football match or get tickets for Wimbledon.
  75. Teach each other something: Do you know something your partner doesn’t or is he a whizz kid at something you’ve always wanted to learn?
  76. Take photos of each other: How many photos do you have of yourself that you actually like? Put some music on, dance around and snap away with the camera.
  77. Open mic nights: Do you have a good voice and enough confidence to get up on stage and sing your heart out? Find your inner Whitney or Elvis!
  78. Have your fortune told or cards read: If you believe in it then do it. However, it is nice to have surprises and not know what’s going to happen – especially if it’s bad news.
  79. Volunteer together: Have you ever thought about giving up some of your spare time to help others? Find out what charities there are in your area and see if you can help one of them.
  80. Make a time capsule: This would be a great idea – put things in there like ‘predictions’, what do you think you will be doing in five years time? Add photographs, poems, drawings, sentimental objects, love letters or anything you would find interesting to look at in five years time.
  81. Get a pet: This one is much the same as ‘make a baby’. Make sure you can look after a pet properly, create a safe environment for it to live in and give it love and attention.
  82. Decorate your Christmas tree: Is it that time of year yet? If so, hang your baubles and drape your tinsel – t’is the season to be merry!
  83. Read a book to each other: ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ is an excellent book and taking turns reading it to each other can be entertaining. Of course, there are zillions of books you can read to each other.
  84. Do a jigsaw puzzle together: If that’s what floats your boat then go for it but make sure you have the four corners before you start.
  85. Have matching tattoos: Think about this one very seriously before you commit to having your partner’s name engraved on your buttock!
  86. Go to an art gallery: Wander around and glance at artistic masterpieces together, expand your knowledge and learn about the different styles of design or painting.
  87. Make breakfast in bed: Maybe you already do that for each other, it’s always nice to get that cup of tea in bed in the morning.
  88. Experiment with food: Have you ever been adventurous with food? Why not grab one of your cookbooks and challenge each other with a bake-off.
  89. Do a movie marathon: All the Lord of the Rings movies in one day is a good start. Or the three Bridget Jones Diaries movies are a hoot!
  90. Trace your family tree: This would most probably take longer than a week but if it’s something you’ve been meaning to do, it might be nice to do it together.
  91. Look at properties: Do you both have a dream home? Surf the net and see what is available, what would it take to make your dreams come true?
  92. Enter a competition: Poetry, art, cooking, singing – there are so many different things that you and your partner could do together.
  93. Join an amateur dramatics group: You could be in ‘The Sound of Music’ before you know it.
  94. Spring clean: If you do it together it will be a quick and easy job. Chuck out anything you don’t  need or use. If it’s in good condition, take it to a charity shop.
  95. Catch up on your social media: Have you both caught up with the family on Facebook, do have some great photos from the things you’ve been doing together that you can share on Instagram?
  96. Ask your friends what they do as a couple: They may come up with some much better ideas than this fab list!
  97. Go out and pretend you don’t know each other and meet up somewhere: I for one know that I could not do this – I would laugh uncontrollably!
  98. Get engaged!: These next two only apply to non-married couples:)
  99. Plan your wedding: Are you engaged and you just haven’t got around to sorting things out – have a day where you talk about what you would like to do and how you can make it possible.
  100. Hold each other and don’t take each other for granted.

Wow, that was a long list – there must be something there that will brighten up your day and give you a memorable experience with your partner. We hope so.

The most important thing when you are in a partnership with someone is that you make time for each other. You laugh, hug, kiss and tell each other how much you care.

Do send us any suggestions that you may have for things that people can do together.

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