The Grow Old Disgracefully 2018 roundup!

Welcome to 2019, we hope your new year started well.

We are going to look back at 2018 and reflect on what we got up to.

If you missed out on any of our insightful blog articles, don’t worry. We have an intro and link for each one in this article below.

Why did we start our blog?The ‘Grow Old Disgracefully’ team are here to age with you. To take our ageing journey through life together. We hope to enhance your life, share stories, give facts and bring a smile to your face. There will be tears, there will be laughter and hopefully, we will be your cup of tea. Remember, age is just a number! Xx

Welcome to the ‘Grow old disgracefully’ blog – it has finally come to life!

Quote…  ‘There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. …’

It’s true, there is a fountain – our mind is a powerful tool and we all have a talent of some kind.

We can be creative and everyone loves someone but that doesn’t stop the menopause, arthritis, the loss of memory or heartache when you lose something or someone you love.

However, we have each other and whether you grow old disgracefully or not, it doesn’t matter. You only live once!

We’ve heard all the age-associated sayings, such as – ‘age is just a number’, ‘you’re as old as the woman you feel’ and ‘young at heart’. I was hoping that I would become ‘older and wiser’ with age and mature nicely like a good bottle of red but it’s not happened yet.  I’m currently 49 with half a century on the horizon. I’m not a spring chicken anymore, things are starting to malfunction and I definitely have a ‘best before date’!

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Are you a single lady and want to go on holiday on your own? Here is an interesting read….

Going on holiday on your own – a sort of survival guide. Part 1.

Think Shirley Valentine…

For those of you that don’t know what I mean, it’s a must-see movie for any woman. Do make the time to see it if you haven’t already. She was much better behaved than me!

I have been abroad on my own 3 times and survived (just about).

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would.

Find out more… 

Do you know any men in your life that may be struggling at the moment? This article will help.

Men’s mental health – let the music play!

To my readers,

I’m not male and I’m not claiming to be an expert in mental health or men!

I strive to understand men.  (I’m smiling)

I’m a storyteller and a messenger – someone who has been inspired to write an article because of a noticeable change in men’s behaviour over the last couple of years and men’s mental health has been in the news headlines recently.

I feel now would be a good time to introduce the 3 wise men that I am travelling with through this article…

Here they are…

Going on holiday on your own – a sort of survival guide. Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of our journey together through this ‘sort of survival guide’ for women going on holiday on their own. If you missed the first part of this eye-opening article, don’t worry – you can find it right here!

I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to telling stories about my experiences as a singleton abroad but I will narrow it down to five of what I think were the most amusing moments of my three holidays.

What actually happened?

Joint pain – ageing can take its toll

I love Zumba!

I really want to be a dancing queen but it’s simply not going to happen with my knees. My performance at Zumba is restricted due to the discomfort and the fear that my knee caps may burst – that’s what it feels like sometimes.

Joint pain is a common problem, and ageing can take its toll, we must deal with DNA damage, cell damage, muscle atrophy, bone loss, decreased muscle mass and joints worn out from overuse. Life can play havoc on our hips and knees!

More about joint pain…

The loss of a pet

I’m sitting at my desk writing this article and there’s something missing.

There isn’t the purring noise from my little four-legged best friend curled up on her chair next to me as I type, she’s gone now and she’s not coming back. I would like to think that she is chasing mice and climbing trees beyond the pearly gates.

It would be understandable to assume that after losing 1 dog, 4 cats and 6 rabbits I would be able to cope better with the recent passing of my pet … but I’ve struggled and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I miss all my pets but I don’t miss the chewed shoes, the dead mice or a rabbit hole sending me on a mission to find the little escapee. I miss their companionship and their little faces when I talked to them. The tilt of the head, the giving of their paw or the licking of my hand like there’s no tomorrow.

Grab a tissue and read on…

Women and alcohol – are you a mummy juice drinker or an empty nester?

Research has revealed that mothers are at the forefront of the middle-aged drinking epidemic in the UK. Society is more accepting of women who like to drink. A glass of wine or a gin & tonic has become an accessory for the modern woman.

A new designer handbag or cranberry gin ice lollies?

In years gone by, women would have been excited about a new handbag range or designer shoes but now our social media threads reveal female excitement when there is an announcement about a new gin flavour or a gin tasting afternoon. I’m one of them who ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ a post like that, I’m no angel.

Grab a glass of wine and read on…

Where have all the bees gone?

When I found out that I needed to write an article about bees I was a bit like, ‘OK, I love bees, I can put something together at some point, no rush.’ But, once I started doing the research for the article, I got totally hooked on the little yellow and black insects and now I can’t wait to tell you everything I have found out about those cute, tiny, flying machines.

Well, I’ll bee darned!

According to ‘Friends of the Earth’ there are approximately 270 species of bees recorded in the UK. You will bee amazed too, read about it here.

Find out more about those little flying machines…

Joining a gym at 50 and thong knickers

This article is all about joining a gym at a mature age – I’m not a spring chicken anymore:)

I’m 49 but I may as well be 50.

I used to go to a gym but I started running and dancing so I stopped going, I wish I hadn’t. I also wish I could bend like a pretzel just like lucky Lydia in the picture – she doesn’t have a muffin top or bat wings! Lydia most probably lives off carrot sticks instead of carrot cake, unlike me. Perhaps she just drinks slimline tonic, whereas I like a big splash of gin in mine! I guess my goal should be to look like Lydia but unless I have my mouth wired up and there is a world shortage of wine and gin – it’s not going to happen.

Join me in the gym!

Abuse and self-destruction

In 2017 it was estimated that 1.9 million adults experienced some form of domestic abuse according to a crime survey for England and Wales.

1.2 million women, 713,000 men.

I am writing today from experience…

I had a two-year relationship with a man who was an alcoholic, depressive and aggressive.

Don’t suffer in silence, read more about abuse…

We are what we eat!

You are what you eat…

What do we really mean by the sometimes annoying phrase… ‘You are what you eat’?

It is the notion that to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food. Nutrients in our food are essential for growth, development and maintenance. If certain elements are missing, our body will decline.

You literally are what you eat!

In which case, in theory, I should look like a piece of carrot cake and bottle of Sauvignon Blanc – that needs to stop! I can feel the middle-aged spread fast approaching.

The history of eating – warriors, Vikings and a tiger’s penis…

History reveals that warriors ate the brains of their enemies to gain wisdom, Vikings drank the blood of bears and wolves to make them more ferocious and in China, men would eat tiger penis to help with erectile dysfunction.

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Internet dating for men

As promised, here we are again covering the topic of internet dating.  This time it is from a man’s perspective, how does he perceive dating online and what experience has he had?

It is said that…(and a man said it)

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. What a book! I hope you have read it – if not, it’s a must read. I’ve read it three times:) It’s a manual for loving relationships. It reveals how men and women differ in all areas of their lives. They communicate, think, feel, perceive, react, respond, love, need and appreciate differently.

According to the author of the book, John Gray, men and women are literally from different planets! He must have a good point and be close to the mark because his book has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

Find out what men really think about internet dating…

How to deal with the stress of every day living

“I am so stressed out!”

Whether we say it out loud, under our breath or in our heads – we all do it. We reach that point when we’ve had enough. We feel like we just can’t take it anymore.

When our bodies detect too much stress, we start to tense up and a series of reactions occur that affect our behaviour and our health.

Your poor brain…

When you get stressed out the small region in the base of the brain called the hypothalamus reacts by stimulating the body to produce hormones that include adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones help you to deal with any threats or pressure you are facing – this is called the ‘fight or flight’ response. Dealing with stress and anxiety is something that can have a debilitating effect on your day to day life.

How stressed are you?

Enrol on a cold and flu self-defence class

One of the joys of parenting…

Watching your child from the sidelines whilst they slide tackle or score an own goal.  With the forces of nature battering you into submission and the bored sibling holding onto your leg, crying because they can’t feel the ends of their fingers! All the time, encouraging your disheartened child caked in mud running around the waterlogged pitch.

And then you… clapping half-heartedly as the opponents cheer at their victory and your child momentarily hates their life.

Returning home, only to find your feelings of, ‘I just don’t feel right’ weren’t from standing in the bitterly cold weather or from the two large glasses of wine you had the night before. Although, neither of them had helped the fact that you were coming down with a cold or even worse the flu!

Grab a tissue and read on…

8 things that show you have a Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D… it’s the sunshine vitamin to protect the strength inside your body. It’s the vitamin that everyone is talking about!

Do you think that you might be lacking vitamin D?

You most probably already have some knowledge about good health and nutrition and it’s a known fact that we tend to scan read articles, predicting the end and hoping for an easy answer to our problems. So, for today, let’s cut to the chase and start at the end – how can you make sure that you’re not vitamin D deficient?

  • Sensible sun exposure
  • Eat more food of naturally occurring vitamin D
  • Consider taking a supplement

Are you getting enough vitamin D?

Men’s mental health – the marathon man

Have you experienced a runner’s high?

Running or jogging can turn a bad day into a good day as the endorphins start to dance in the brain building self-consciousness, awareness and confidence. Frustration and stress can turn to speed and the freedom allows the mind to file information or think up some wonderful ideas.

Running is good for the body, mind and soul.

Find out more about Arthur…

Heavy metal toxicity from tuna

Tuna is making the headlines again…

If you love a tuna sandwich, tuna steak or a thick piece of fluffy fish, this article is for you.

Recent studies have yet again confirmed that tuna fish contains high levels of metals of which could be dangerous for human consumption.


Metals such as:

  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Tin

Grab a tuna sandwich and take a read…

One man and his dog

A dog is life changing physically and mentally.

They say that a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself and a dog will teach you unconditional love.

A man once said to me, “A dog is always pleased to see you, loves you unconditionally, is obedient, keeps you fit and wants to sleep with you. What more could a man want?”

I’m smiling because my response was, “That sounds like the description of a perfect partner.”

I’m sure many a man or women have looked at their partner at some point and thought, if only you were like our dog, life would be so much easier and more pleasurable.

Read more about one man and his dog…

100 things you can do with your partner!

Having a partner to share your life with is lovely. Someone you can talk to, laugh with and hold tight at night.

Do you make enough time for your partner?

Imagine this…

You and your partner have no responsibilities for one week, you just have each other and the world is your oyster –  so what would you do? Climb mountains, sail across the ocean, rave in Ibiza or go on a couples retreat? Stay home, do some gardening and cook a lovely meal? That all sounds great to me.

Take a look at all 100!

Pollution and the effects on our bodies

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.”
― Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Pollution has harmful effects on the body as well as the environment.

The air that you breathe…

Air pollution can cause both short term and long term effects on health and many people are concerned about pollution in the air that they breathe. Even more so, people with lung conditions and those caring for them.

Most air pollution is the product of:

  • Vehicles and traffic
  • Power generators
  • Combustion from space heating

Not only do they pollute the area they are released in but they travel a long distance.

Find out more…

Put a spring in your step! Why do I go jogging?


I’m 48 and I would like to be able to eat cake and drink wine without getting fat or feeling guilty. That’s the truth of it. I also want to be fit enough to hike for hours in the hills and to be able to dance around the bedroom without my body parts wobbling too much.

For me, jogging is my ‘thinking time’ and as I breathe in the fresh air I can feel the sugar and alcohol expel itself from my body. Normally, when I finish my run I feel great, I survived and I will have a spring in my step for the rest of the day.

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Sugar – are you sweet enough?

**I am guilty…

I am addicted to sugar, I’ve tried to give up – I managed three months and fell off the wagon because someone bought me a carrot cake for my birthday. I was doing so well but I messed up! Grrrr. Since then, I struggle to go a day without processed sugar but I really need to reduce my intake, I have friends with diabetes and it isn’t pleasant for them sometimes. I also already have epilepsy so I don’t want to develop another condition that I need to try to manage.

**Wow! The average person eats 53 lbs of sugar a year! I’m above average I’m sure.

Find out more about sinful sugar…

Multiple Sclerosis – new hope

“I fall sometimes, I drop things, my memory is foggy and my left side is asking for directions from a broken GPS. But we are doing it and I laugh and I don’t know exactly what I will do precisely but I will do my best.”

On the 16th August the American actress Selma Blair was diagnosed with Mulitple Sclerosis, otherwise, know as MS. She reached out to her Instagram followers in the hope to help others by sharing her story.

Selma had experienced symptoms of MS for over a decade and it was only this year that her fears were confirmed after doctors found lesions on her brain when they performed an MRI scan.

Selma’s followers on Instagram responded to her message with love and support, two wrote…

“I count myself among the most fortunate in that I was diagnosed in 1993, and now 25 years later at nearly 63 am feeling great with an only very slight physical limitation. Originally I was told that I would likely be wheelchair bound within 5 years.”

“Our brother has it, since 21. He’s now early 50s. Takes treatment and has seen really great results. You’ve got this darling.”

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Being a grandparent

Recently my best friend became a grandmother – she’s not close to 50 years old and definitely doesn’t look like a typical granny.

So what’s it like being a grandparent?

There are the ‘double emotions’…

I asked my friend what it felt like being present at the birth of her grandchild and watching her own daughter go through labour. She best described it as a moment of ‘double emotions’ – there was the joy of seeing her grandchild being born but the anxiety when watching her daughter go through childbirth. When I ask my friend how her grandson is, it’s wonderful to observe her glow when she talks about her him.

The fuzzy excitement…

For this article, I have done research, spoken to friends who are grandparents and reflected on my childhood with my grandparents. I’m not one myself, it’s not on the cards yet but I can’t wait to be one. I can feel a fuzzy excitement in my bones already! My daughter and I were laughing about it yesterday, she can envision her giving birth with me present and the midwife leaving the room and coming back only to find I had already taken the baby home to leave my daughter to rest in the hospital.

Find out more about being a grandparent

Arthritis – 10 million people in the UK have a form of arthritis

Arthritis… nobody can take away your pain, but don’t let the pain take away your happiness.

Over 10 million people in the UK have a form of arthritis and surprisingly 15 thousand of those people are children.

In this article, we are talking to Kay who has severe arthritis in her feet. Sometimes the pain and inconvenience of her arthritis bring her to tears – the discomfort is draining, limiting and depressing. Day after day it’s a waiting game to see if her two operations will have been as successful as she had hoped. It’s taking time but fingers crossed.

Are you thinking about having an operation for your arthritis? This article might help you make a decision. The article isn’t to be seen as medical advice it is just giving you information from one sufferer about how she dealt with the challenges and how she is coping now.

Read more…

Read before you breed

It was suggested to me that I write this article by a frustrated single father called Chris. Chris loves being a dad and is very passionate about it but being a dad hadn’t really been on his radar due to his own unhappy childhood. Having already touched on men’s mental health, I felt this piece was well worth doing.

Keep your pants on for the moment men – this is going to be an eye-opener!

This is a recommended read for:

  • A parent who has a son
  • The son! (of an appropriate age and mindset – we are not encouraging anyone to read this to a child)
  • A man who isn’t sure if he wants to be a dad
  • A man who wants to have a family but isn’t sure if he’s with the right person
  • A woman who wants to have a baby but isn’t convinced the potential father is ready to be a parent
  • Anyone else!

Read on….

Varicose veins – hot pants aren’t an option


According to Albert Einstein, ‘legs’ are the wheels of creativity…

Catherine Bach who played Daisy Duke in the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ had her legs insured for $1,000,000…

And… my legs look like a road atlas. I look at women such as Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Marlene Dietrich and go green with envy.

Varicose veins have been an issue for me for the last 25 years. After two operations where I had both my legs stripped and what I can only guess was some type of glue injected into my shin, the surface of my legs still look like a motorway with slip roads and dual carriageways.

Read more about varicose 

Facebook is diving into the dating pool!

Earlier this year Facebook announced that they would be adding a dating feature to its platform. It’s simply called, ‘Facebook Dating’.

Testing has begun in Columbia, I’m not sure why it’s starting there but fingers crossed all will go to plan and if you are single and ready to mingle, you could find your perfect partner on Facebook soon.

This time last year, I would have happily been a guinea pig for their new dating feature. If internet dating was an event in the Olympics, I would stand a good chance of a gold medal and if I hadn’t found happiness this year, maybe I would have booked a flight to Columbia by now.

Find out more about ‘Facebook Dating’…

Lupus – the incurable immune system illness

Lupus is an incurable immune system illness, mainly suffered by females and it can affect any part of the body.

Lupus affects over 5,000,000 people worldwide and it can be confused with other conditions as our contributor for today explains.

The symptoms of Lupus are:

  •  Joint and muscle pain
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Rashes
  • Depression
  • Anaemia
  • Feverishness
  • Headaches
  • Possible hair loss
  • Mouth ulcers

Another issue that Lupus can be responsible for is, is sadly – a miscarriage. That doesn’t mean to say that if you have Lupus you will struggle to have a baby as revealed by my guest.

Find out more about Lupus…

Single parenting

In the UK there are approximately 2 million and in the U.S, 13.7 million single parents.

Being a parent myself I have spent half my life mixing with friends and families with children and being part of their lives too. I’ve watched families ‘just about’ stay together, ‘blossom and grow’ or ‘break up’ for many different reasons.

That’s life, isn’t it? Nothing is perfect, nothing stays the same and no one can guarantee anything.

When a family unit breaks up it can be heartbreaking, a mistake or the best thing that could happen for all concerned. I’ve been a single parent for over 10 years and my children have been lucky enough to enjoy a happy life even though their father and I aren’t together. You could say a better life than what they may have had if their father and I were still a couple. I don’t know, we are very different people now.

Read more about single parenting…

Breast cancer – boobs, bumps and lumps!

Breast cancer is a destructive disease but I want this article to be a constructive one. I don’t want to depress you or me, so I want to make this experience informative and insightful.

Most of us know someone who has been affected by cancer.

Olivia Newton-John once said:

“I look at my cancer journey as a gift. It made me slow down and realize the important things in life and taught me not to sweat the small stuff.”

More about breast cancer…

Hair loss is like losing a part of your identity

The hair on your head can be a defining part of your identity and hair loss can be difficult to come to terms with, this can affect your self-confidence and lead to depression.

For men, they sometimes feel they are losing their masculinity. For women, there is a social stigma attached to going bald. People sometimes question whether their partner will still love them. Others become socially reclusive and give up enjoyable activities like swimming and going to the gym.

Hair loss can affect your sensuality and how you perceive yourself and of course, there are usually emotional trials and tribulations when it happens.

Read more about hair loss…

Internet dating for women


‘The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.’

~The Notebook~


Are you struggling to find it or keep it?

They say, ‘don’t go looking for love, love should find you’.

Well, I’m sorry – for some people, life is too short for that. A lot of women aren’t prepared to stay home waiting for Mr Right to come to their front door. Nor are they prepared to mingle in bars, mix work with pleasure or stop in supermarket aisles to chat to a man (unless it’s Gerard Butler or Liam Neeson – I was going to write ‘joking’ but actually… I would stop and chat to either. I’d most probably ask them to reach up and get me something off a shelf and take it from there).

Read more about women and internet dating…

Living with Epilepsy

It has been 17 years since my last epileptic seizure.

Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain and causes seizures. When a person has a seizure, the brain experiences a sudden influx of electrical activity that affects how it works for a period of time.

The condition can begin at any age but usually starts in childhood or after the age of 60. It can last a lifetime or get better over time but most sufferers need to stabilize the condition with medication.

Here are some interesting epilepsy facts:

  • Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological disease
  • One in 20 people will have a one-off epileptic seizure at some point in their life (although this does not necessarily mean that they have epilepsy)
  • One in 50 people will have epilepsy at some time in their life (not everyone with epilepsy will have it for life)
  • Around 87 people are diagnosed with epilepsy every day
  • Over 500,000 people in the UK have epilepsy. That’s about one in every 100 people
  • There are around 60 million people with epilepsy in the world
  • Up to 5% of people with epilepsy will be affected by flashing lights (called photosensitive epilepsy)
  • In the US, 1.2% of people have active epilepsy

Want to know more…

Having a hysterectomy – an experience to be shared

Warning – this article contains content that may disturb men.

Dear readers,

In the words of Dolly Parton, “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman.”

When I was told I needed to have a hysterectomy I was mortified, I was 46 years old and not ready to lose my womanhood.


I am glad I had the operation and as a woman it was the best thing I ever did for my body, heart and soul but it wasn’t an easy ride.

This isn’t a ’10 steps’ or ‘how to’ article, I’m sharing my experience in the hope that it might help reassure women who could be facing a hysterectomy or had one. Remember, we are all different and this is my story.

Want to know more about having a hysterectomy?

Men’s mental health – ‘living with my manic mind’

Is your life like a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs with very few periods of calm?

I would like to introduce George, George’s life is exactly that.

George is a manic depressive and for the last 40 years, he has lived a life full of physical pain, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, mood swings, autism and had suicidal thoughts. The insights that George has given me are valuable and could be life-saving for someone else who is suffering too. Someone who is questioning their existence and doesn’t know how to stop their downward spiral getting out of control.

Read on…

Prostate health – know your prostate

You’ll be glad to know that masturbation isn’t bad for you! You won’t go blind!

Men, have you ever heard or used the saying, “I’ve been hit in the nuts?”

Well, you could say if you’ve taken a blow to your manly region you’re not far from the truth. The prostate is a walnut size gland that is located below the bladder. It’s important for a man’s sex life and unfortunately few men know anything about their prostate. According to the American Cancer Society, one in seven men is diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime.

Read about prostate cancer…

Enrol on a cold and flu self-defence class

One of the joys of parenting…

Watching your child from the sidelines whilst they slide tackle or score an own goal.  With the forces of nature battering you into submission and the bored sibling holding onto your leg, crying because they can’t feel the ends of their fingers! All the time, encouraging your disheartened child caked in mud running around the waterlogged pitch.

And then you… clapping half-heartedly as the opponents cheer at their victory and your child momentarily hates their life.

Returning home, only to find your feelings of, ‘I just don’t feel right’ weren’t from standing in the bitterly cold weather or from the two large glasses of wine you had the night before. Although, neither of them had helped the fact that you were coming down with a cold or even worse the flu!

Grab a cup of tea and read on…

Wash your mouth out!

When was the last time you looked inside your mouth?

I don’t know about you but I don’t like flossing and the last thing I want to do is look inside my mouth at my ageing teeth.

My dentist strongly advises me to drink less alcohol – preferably none, try not to drink coffee, tea or red wine and no sweets!

Is he mad? What kind of life is that?

However, he has a good point so this article is dedicated to my dentist.

Read more…

Over-wearing contact lenses can lead to an acid build-up

As soon as I hit 48 my eyesight deteriorated rapidly! I have about 7 pairs of reading glasses and still struggle to find a pair when I need them!

Millions and millions of people around the world wear contact lenses. Do you?

Did you know that lactic acid can build-up behind your contact lens and lead to negative consequences?

Over-wearing contact lenses can result in damage from lactic acid within the cornea of the eye.  A contact lens is a foreign body that is placed in your eye, a man-made object that sits on top of the cornea and interacts with the inner tissue. The cornea is made of living breathing sells. It supplies most of the refractive power of the eyes.

See here and read more…

Giving up smoking

Do you smoke?

The safety of e-cigarettes is unknown, people who smoke roll-ups appear to view themselves as a different kind of smoker – that’s just not the case and a packet of 20 straights are £10.40!

Gosh! That’s nearly 25% of my weekly food shop.

I tried smoking once and obviously did it wrong. I had the uncomfortable burning sensation in the back of my throat and nasal discomfort followed by an unusual mint aroma having purchased Consulates to reduce the risk of my parents knowing I had sinned and done something they had always told me I should never do.

Ready to give up?

You are beautiful!

You are beautiful, smart, desirable and special. Use that as your morning mantra!

It’s true, everyone is beautiful and special to someone.

We have been talking to a beauty therapist about ageing, it happens to us all. We can’t fight it so we just have to make the best of what we have and look after ourselves the best we can (so I’m told and I read). I try to look after myself but not hard enough as I discovered having spent time with a beauty expert.

Read more…

We hope you enjoyed our articles for 2018 and we look forward to ageing with you through 2019!

Happy New Year from the Grow Old Disgracefully team.

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