Grow Old Disgracefully *Vlog* roundup for 2018

Welcome to the Grow Old Disgracefully Vlog roundup for 2018. Grab a tea or coffee, sit back and watch some of our short videos on topics that we have covered on our blog site. Enjoy!

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Going on holiday on your own – what can possibly go wrong? 

I’ve been on holiday three times on my own, each time has been the result of feeling ‘lost’ for whatever reason. In this article I share my stories, explain why I did what I did and what the outcome was. Going on holiday on my own was liberating and if you are thinking of doing it, take note of my suggestions and learn from my mistakes!

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Are you a mummy juice drinker or an empty nester?

With a glass of wine in hand, I talk about women and alcohol. We drink for different reasons – enjoyment, emotions, research or abuse. We tend to make ‘Baileys’ chocolate cheesecake, ‘gin & tonic’ muffins and vodka jellies – instead of Victoria sponge, fairy cakes or strawberry jelly.  We open a bottle of wine and find it easy to finish it within the evening instead of it sitting in the fridge and lasting three or four days. A wine glass has become an accessory, we have festivals for gin and dry January is flipping hard work…

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Joining the gym at 50 and thong knickers

With my 50th birthday on the horizon, the middle age spread has crept in and my knees won’t take Zumba or street running anymore – I have resorted to going back to the gym. I had forgotten how uncomfortable thong knickers are…

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You are beautiful!

In this article, I have a lovely beautician who has a good go at trying to salvage my ageing face. She has some great tips and you get to see me without makeup and looking half a century old, wrinkles and all!

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Having a hysterectomy

My hysterectomy was a life saving, life-enhancing, necessary experience and one that should be talked about to help others. Four years ago, the thought of sitting crossed leg was unbearable, when I laid on my back, a swollen lump would protrude on one side of my belly and when I went jogging I needed to be near a toilet. All that has gone now…

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Internet dating for women

I am an experienced internet dater! Almost a pro. In this article I give tips, tell stories and share my failures and successes. What I can say is, if you get proposed to after 5 dates – the relationship most probably won’t work.

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Read before you breed

I was asked to write this article by a father who often sees struggling fathers, knows of multiple failed relationships where children have suffered and he wants to give an opinion and talk about his experience.

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Men’s mental health – my manic mind

Men’s mental health has hit the headlines a lot in 2018. In this article, I spoke to a man who was willing to open up about his manic depression. Living with physical pain, emotional abuse and deep unhappiness can be tough and it is fantastic that this person is happy to be so honest in the hope to help another man that is suffering.

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Abuse in a relationship

I talk about physical and emotional abuse. From experience, I am able to talk about this topic and I open up about the physical and emotional abuse I suffered. It’s not something I like to open up about but if it helps someone then that is a good thing. It has made me a stronger person.

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The loss of a pet

This was a tough article to write. It broke my heart writing it because the loss of a pet can be so traumatic, sometimes worse than losing a person. Whilst some people may think I’m daft, I know there will be people out there that will totally understand what I and my family went through. RIP Tootsie, this is for you.xx


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Living with epilepsy

It has been 17 years since my last seizure. I am very lucky – some people with the condition go all their life without relief. It can be draining, it’s embarrassing and sometimes causes depression. Epilepsy is scary for the sufferer and those around them, seizures aren’t nice to watch or experience.

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Are you sweet enough?

I am addicted to processed sugar, I’ve tried to cut it out of my diet but always fail – mainly when someone buys me a Costco carrot cake! It is a serious problem for a lot of people around the world and there is an increase in diabetes which can be life-threatening. Find out more about sugar, it can be worse for you than alcohol and drugs!

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100 things you can do with your partner

Oh my goodness I did laugh doing this one. So, I researched suggestions for what couples could do together – some are bizarre, some are dull but some are great ideas! Take what you can from this and make time for your partner.

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Varicose veins

I would be happy to wear a wetsuit for the rest of my life everytime I go on a beach holiday but I would look ridiculous. My legs represent a road atlas – long windy blue motorways and lots of dual carriageways and slip roads. After two operations, I still hate my legs and the best thing to do is keep them covered up.


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We hope you enjoyed our articles for 2018 and we look forward to ageing with you through 2019!

Happy New Year from the Grow Old Disgracefully team.

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